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The three guiding strategic principles of Antech are research, innovation and attention to emerging communcation needs. Estabilished in 1989, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of some brilliant engineers, experts in the field of satellite communications, Antech is today led by a skilled management team with the aid of a highly qualified team of technicians, making it one of the leading companies in Europe for satcoms development. Intensive and ongoing research operations have led Antech to develop a series of advanced products and systems and meet a wide range of telecommunications needs. Antech distinguishes itself by virtue of its dynamism and flexibility and the constant attentions it gives to the needs of the market and it is for this reason that its products are so much in demand by the satellite sector to which Antech offers: turn-key solutions at competitive prices capable of meeting all users needs whether they be broadcasters, space agencies , service providers.

Piero Vita, CEO of Antech

Piero Vita, CEO of Antech - Antech S.p.A.

"It is important to insist on quality standards and provide incentives for investments in advanced technologies. Although satellite is associated with the idea of instant and global coverage, we have learnt that it is necessary to orientate and control it with adequate professional and technical competence."

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